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Myopia Management

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness is a very common visual condition where you need glasses to see objects in the distance. This refractive error causes light to focus at a point just in front of the retina making it difficult to see distant objects clearly. Myopia has become increasingly common in children over recent years with increased near work (usually prolonged periods on screens). Childhood myopia tends to get worse over time, resulting in the need for stronger and stronger glasses.

Moderate to high levels of myopia can lead to substantial vision loss due to lengthening of the eye which, in turn significantly increases the risk of retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. By allowing a child’s prescription to change unabated, we are putting their future vision at risk.

Our doctor and staff at Eye Focus are highly trained in the latest research surrounding myopia control to offer myopia management; a series of treatments and therapies meant to slow down the progression of myopia and help preserve your child’s future vision.

There are two ways researchers have discovered to slow down myopia progression. One is optically; using contact lenses and or glasses. The second option is pharmaceutical or prescription eye drop therapy. Schedule an eye exam with our optometrist to discuss the most appropriate option for your child.

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